San Diego Startup Directory

Here’s a list of San Diego Startups as fed from Market By Numbers:

  • ShowUHow

    ShowUHow offers manufacturers and retailers a series of web and mobile video product guides for every stage of the customer lifecycle, including pre-sales, installation, feedback and retention. Led by Founder and CEO Kim Folsom, ShowUHow has raised $3M from Syncom Venture Partners.

  • SrvrDJ

    SrvrDJ helps you launch your apps into the cloud quickly, easily, and fault-tolerantly. Founded by Leeward Bound, SrvrDJ is bootstrapped.

  • Bump

    Bump connects existing digital profiles with your vehicle license plate number, allowing you to "connect with those you don't know yet." The Active Network founder Mitch Thrower is the Founder and CEO of Bump, which has raised $2.2M to date.

  • Oceanhouse Media

    Oceanhouse Media develops mobile apps that "uplift, educate and inspire", primarily through licensing popular children's content providers, such as Dr. Seuss, Chronicle Books and the Hay House. Oceanhouse Media was founded by Michel Kripalani, a veteran of the video gaming industry, and is privately funded.

  • FashioningChange

    FashioningChange Fashioning Change is a shopping experience that gives you stylish eco-friendly and ethical alternatives to popular name brands lacking social responsibility practices. Shoppers enter the name brand they like and FashioningChange gives you eco-friendly alternatives based on style and price point. FashioningChange was founded by Adriana Herrera and is a Founder's Institute graduate.

  • Flaretag

    Flaretag has developed a mobile marketing platform that helps businesses and individuals promote their products and better engage with customers using mobile phones. Their tools allow you to connect web content to the world around you via QR codes, SMS and email.  Flaretag is a Founder Institute graduate and was founded by Daniel Arroyo and Jose Granado.  Flaretag is currently self-funded.

  • Nettle

    Nettle is developing a social/local/mobile app in the entertainment market.  Nettle was founded by veterans Brian Dear and Dan O'Neill. They have raised 500K from Google Ventures, Advancit Capital and 500 Startups.

  • ai-one

    ai-one develops and licenses "biologically inspired" artificial intelligence engines to software developers.  The technology enables machines to learn.  The company is founded an lead by Walt Diggelmann and Tom Marsh.

  • Attachmore

    Attachmore is a large file delivery solution that assists computer users in transferring files that are too large for email.  Attachmore bridges the gap between email attachment limitations and complicated FTP or complex online storage solutions.  Attachmore is privately funded and was founded by Brent Young.

  • StayClassy

    StayClassy provides charities, foundations and other non-profits a fundraising platform and donor relationship management.  StayClassy was founded by Scot Chisolm, Marshall Peden and Pat Walsh. They completed a $1.25 million convertible debt-funding round led by 15 angel investors. Crunchbase entry.

  • FLUD

    FLUD is a mobile news ecosystem that combines personalized news displayed elegantly with social engagement.  FLUD was founded by Bobby Ghosal and Matthew Ausonio and is backed by Detroit Venture Partners,  Ludlow Ventures and Behance Founder Scott Belsky.

  • uME

    uME (pronounced "you-mee" seeks to be your last "business card." uME is a mobile app that helps you exchange contact information with people you meet in person, as well as remember why they are important. The company was founded by Jeff Axup and Scott Buchanan and is bootstrapped.

  • SecureConcierge

    SecureConcierge is an onnline web concierge solution combining the best of web technology with the latest advertising innovations linking residents, concierges and property managers.  SecureConcierge was founded Steven Picanza and Bryant Walker and has received strategic funding.

  • InsideUp

    InsideUp is an online marketplace for business service providers and their customers.  They use "business-matching and prospect-profiling technologies" to connect businesses in search or services and those that provide those services.  InsideUp was founded and is run by Asad Haroon.

  • E-Band Communications

    E-band provides wireless backhaul solutions, manufacturing 60, 70 and 80 GHz point-to-point technology.  E-band was founded by Sam Smookler and Saul Umbrasas and has received financing from both strategic investors and VCs, including San Diego based Avalon Ventures and Express Ventures.

  • Snappfire Bitjacket

    Snappfire Bitjacket is a mobile app development platform for magazines, newspapers and publishers.  Snappfire Bitjacket is currently self-funded and was founded by Marc Hermsmeyer and Dustin Hunter.

  • DealHamper

    DealHamper is an online deal aggregator for local daily deals, including Groupon and LivingSocial, organized by city.  DealHamper is self funded and was founded by Cartic Natraj.

  • Zurple

    Zurple is a comprehensive real estate marketing system designed for agents.  Zurple was co-founded by Ryan Owens and is headed-up by CEO Robert Schulte.

  • BigSho

    BigSho is an online game show which lets people compete live against each other to win prizes. The alpha will be available soon. They're also giving away an iPad2 to the winner of the alpha period (aka "Season 1"). Signup at (easter egg hint: finish this phrase and type it in "deal or no ______".  BigSho is founded by Alan Seideman and Mark Tholking.  Alan is a TechStars alum and formerly co-founder of Brightkite. Mark was founder of quiQR and a Y-Combinator finalist.

  • TapHunter

    TapHunter is an online craft beer-lover community, providing, among other things, the ability for people to find places serving their favorite craft beers.  My kind of startup!  TapHunter was founded by Melani Gordon and Jeff Gordon. They are self-funded.

  • PoundWire (#wire)

    Recently launched PoundWire is a social news network, putting the news before the social. In other words, you follow a filtered stream based on what you're interested in.  (Twitter w/o the noise?)  Self-funded #Wire was Founded and is led by Cody Riddar.

  • IntraStage

    IntraStage provides product life cycle quality management software for electronic products manufacturers.  IntraStage raised capital from Tech Coast Angels, was Founded by Tom Armes and is run by CEO Patrick Kelly.

  • VerifyFast

    VerifyFast enables HR executives to automate and outsource external requests to verify historical employment and salary information. Craig Giangregorio is Founder and CEO of this self-funded startup.

  • Podclass

    Podclass is an marketplace for online teaching and classroom services.  Bringing together those who have skill or expertise and those who have the desire to learn, Podclass provides video podcasts and collaboration tools to create online classrooms. Founded by Gary Gil, Podclass received a grant from fbFund.

  • TV Mate

    TV Mate adds game mechanics and socialization to your TV viewing experience.   Founded by Magnus Berggren, TV Mate is self-funded.

  • Zambig

    Zambig lets users interact with radio; not just by customizing listening, but actually creating and sharing interactions with DJs and other on air personalities.  Zambig was founded by Blair Giesen and Cordell Giesen and is self-funded.

  • Deal Current

    Deal Current provides online media publishers a Groupon-like "Daily Deal" platform. Founded by Jimmy Hendricks and Patrick Dillon, Deal Current is self-funded.

  • MadCap Software

    MadCap Software provides technical publication tools from content creation to delivery and end-to-end management.  Founded by Macromedia veteran Anthony Olivier, MadCap is self-funded and has been in business for over seven years.

  • Benchmark Revenue Management

    Benchmark Revenue Management provides financial management software designed to help hospitals improve billing and collection efficiency.  Founded by Tyson McDowell, Benchmark Revenue raised investment funds locally from Tech Coast Angels.

  • FitPass Network

    FitPass Network gives you one pass to a network of fitness centers.  So that means if you want to add Yoga to your Spinning class or Free Weights to your swimming routine, you get access to member facilities that offer those services.  Cool!   FitPass Network is self-funded and was founded by Michael Keplinger.

  • Yontoo

    Yontoo is a browser extension that adds "layers" to web sites you visit, allowing you to have a "personalized" experience with any web site. Web developers create layers (apps) that enhance Internet browsers' web experiences.  Yontoo was founded by Arie Trouw,  is currently run by Kai Hankison, and is self-funded.

  • Soovox

    Soovox combines 3 social networking trends: influence measurement, personalization and game mechanics in order to tackle social shopping.  Soovox was founded and is led by CEO Akram Benmbarek and has raised two seed rounds of investment.

  • Independa

    Independa Independa helps your aging parents remember important events like birthdays, doctor’s appointments, social engagements -- and when to take their medications. Lead byCEO  Kian Sanei, Independa has closed two seed rounds of investment.

  • Casmiro

    Casmiro is a platform for monetizing your videos. For professional and amateur filmmakers and videographers, Casmiro allows users to distribute via social networks while still monetizing videos.  Founded by Brandon Pliska and funded by local angel investor and entrepreneur Charlie Jackson.

  • is a jobs site that not only connects job seekers with hiring managers and select recruiters, but markets them. is run by Michael O'Brien.

  • Hookit

    Hookit is a social network for lifestyle sports, bringing together action sports, community, brands and deals. Founded and run by Scott Tilton, Hookit (formerly Loopd'd) received funding from Tech Coast Angels.

  • Extrabux

    Extrabux is the comparison shopping and coupon site that pays you back.  Founded by Jeff Nobbs and Noah Auerhahn, Extrabux is currently run by interim CEO Bob Nascenzi.  Extrabux is self-funded.

  • TakeLessons

    [Update: 8/3/11 - TakeLessons raises $6M from Crosslink Capital]


    TakeLessons is a music and voice lessons provider offering customized private lessons through certified teachers. TakeLessons also offers turnkey music programs for schools and community centers, as well as at-work lessons programs for corporate clients and their employees.  TakeLessons was founded and is run by Steven Cox. and is self-funded. TakeLessons raised $6M from Crosslink Capital]

  • Chumby

    Chumby is both a consumer Internet device and a platform for delivering the Internet experience to 3rd party consumer electronics.  The company is backed by San Diego's Avalon ventures and others.  Chumby was founded by Steve Tomlin, Derrick OienAndrew Huang, Duane Maxwell and Ken Steele.

  • Antengo

    Antengo does real-time, location-based, classifieds.  It's a mobile app that facilitates real-time, location-based, person-to-person exchanges.  Antengo was founded by Hunter Jensen and Marcus Wandell and has raised seed investment from Dr. Michael Wandell.

  • ExtremePlanner

    ExtremePlanner provides Agile Project Management and Planning, as well as issue tracking for distributed development teams and LeanStartups.  ExtremePlanner is self-funded.  Dave Churchville is Founder and CEO.

  • eSub

    eSub provides specialized project management and document control software for construction sub-contractors. Self-funded eSub was Founded and is run by Wendy Swift-Rogers.

  • Anametrix

    Anametrix provides real time business analytics for marketing intelligence. Founded by WebSideStory veterans, Blaise Barralet and Anders Olsson. Anametrix has raised money from several individual investors.

  • MindTouch

    MindTouch was founded in 2005 as an opensource wiki project. It has grown into an enterprise suite of products that help businesses author, discover and curate content of value to customers, partners and colleagues.  The company was founded and is led by Steven Bjorg and Aaron Fulkerson.

  • BrightScope

    BrightScope rates 401k plans.  BrightScope aims to bring financial intelligence, transparency and retirement security to plan sponsors, advisors, and participants.  BrightScope was founded and is run by Mike Alfred, Ryan Alfred, and Dan Weeks.

  • Update: Plixi sold to Lockerz for $10-15M


    Plixi, formerly TweetPhoto, is both a service for sharing photos through social streams and a platform for developers to add media sharing capabilities to apps running on popular social networking sites. Plixi was founded and is run by Sean Callahan and Rodney Rumford. Investors include Canaan Partners, Anthem Venture Partners and Qualcomm Ventures.

  • CloudCanvas

    CloudCanvas is a SaaS-based graphic design toolkit.  Think PhotoShop in a browser, without Flash or plugins.  Cool!  CloudCanvas was founded in 2009 by experienced entrepreneur Chance Roth and is currently self-funded.

  • StockTwits

    StockTwits is a social, stock micro-blogging service. Moreover, it is an open, community-powered idea and information service for investments.  Howard Lindzon is Founder and CEO.  StockTwits is backed by several angel investors, as well as True Ventures and the Foundry Group. CrunchBase Profile

  • Xpenser

    Xpenser provides an easy way to track your business expenses.  Designed to work within your normal workflow, you can email, sms, Tweet, IM, etc., your expenses w/o logging on to their system.  You can even photograph your receipt with your iphone and send it off to Xpenser the way you see fit.  Cool.   Xpenser is run by Parand Darugar and is currently bootstrapped.

  • MojoPages

    MojoPages does meta recommendations.  In other words, they analyze all the recommendations of local stores and recommend the best recommendations.  Mix in some gaming mechanics and cash-back dynamics and you have a competitive take on the crowded and complicated local search market.  Crunchbase's founder and leader is Jon Carder and is backed financially by Austin Ventures. CrunchBase Entry

  • UPDATE: OpenCandy has changed their name to SweetLabs.


    OpenCandy [one of two products offered by SweetLabs] inserts recommendations for other software into software installation routines.  This isn't just an ad network for software developers, but a community generated recommendation engine.  Run by Chester Ng and Darrius Thompson, OpenCandy is backed by Google, among others, including local investor Jordan Greenhall.


    Pokki is a developer platform to build desktop web apps. CrunchBase entry.

  • Kidzui

    Kidzui makes a browser for kids.  But what they really provide is a safe Internet for kids.  Kidzui has essentially created a closed network of kid-friendly sites within the Internet that feels open.   Kidzui is run by Cliff Boro and Thomas Broadhead. They've been around since 2006 and investors include Scholastic and locally, Mission Ventures.

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