There are many startups in San Diego doing exciting stuff. There is also abundant talent in the city with major schools and talented people from around the world. However these two don’t always cross paths. A San Diego startup called SweetLabs inc is joining 9 of the hottest startups in town, to create awareness in the local tech community and to attract the best and brightest people. Here is their first event called ‘Startups Are Better’, on Dec 1st 2011, with the tagline “10 Startups. $100 Million Raised. 100 New Jobs Created”. I spoke with SweetLabs co-founder Chester Ng for this post.

SweetLabs was founded in 2008 by 6 guys all of whom came from another successful San Diego startup called DivX.  3 years later, SweetLabs is 65 people strong and looking to double their work force in the months to come. With their products called OpenCandy and Pokki, they want to build the next generation of desktop app development and distribution platform.

Here is Chester Ng about the other participating startups : “We looked for other local startups who were looking to aggressively scale their teams and in particular, had plans to recruit/hire a lot of product development talent (engineers, designers, product managers) over the next six months. We think it’s critical for the community in San Diego to realize that even in the midst of these rough economic times, there are innovative startups that are creating new opportunities for the best talent in the best city, San Diego. Hence the tagline for the event – 10 Startups. $100 Million Raised. 100 New Jobs Created.”

Besides SweetLabs, the startups are Brightscope, Bump Network, Deal Current, Flud, Lockerz, Mogl, Mojo Pages, Slackers, Stock Twits and Take Lessons. Startup are going to introduce themselves and there will be ample opportunity to communicate with them one-on-one. There will be also be a Fireside chat with two tech veterans. Joe Kraus is a two-time entrepreneur turned VC currently with Google Ventures. Michael Robertson is a San Diego entrepreneur with a great track record of building disruptive startups and taking them to profitability and acquisition.

San Diego needs a stronger startup community similar to the one in San Francisco’s SoMa district or the one in downtown Palo Alto. There also needs to be more awareness about startups among talented people, who might otherwise consider only bigger and more established corporations for opportunities. An event such as ‘Statups are better’ is a great step in this direction.

So if you are a techie, designer, marketing buff or a product guy, RSVP and head over to Dec. 1st event ‘Startups Are Better’ where you will have a chance to meet with 10 of the great San Diego startups, listen to veterans speak about their startup exeperiences and have a drink and a bite to eat. And hopefully you will find a great match for your talent.